Hey guys… as we approach the colder months of the year we need to start taking extra care of our skin (especially the skin on our face….because the last thing you want is to look dehydrated)!!!! My go to DIY WINTER WONDERFUL FACE MASK is a simple but highly effective home mask, consisting of just 3 ingredients: Avocado, yoghurt and honey.

So here’s what you do….

Step 1: Mash about 2 Tblsps of a ripe avocado with a fork such that there are no huge lumps. Avocardo is extremely moisturizing and contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C. These aid in keeping your skin nourished and moisturized whilst not clogging your pores, and the vitamin C helps with evening out your skin tone.

Step 2: Add a tsp full of raw organic honey to the Avo paste and mix well. Honey adds hydration and calms the skin.

Step 3: To this mixture add 2 heaped Tblsp of Full cream plain yoghurt and mix well. Dairy products contain lactic acid which serves as a natural exfoliation to the skin. Therefore full cream yoghurt will contain more lactic acid, giving your skin a good natural yet gentle scrub. Perfect for sensitive skin types.

Step 4: Lastly, I like using a foundation flat brush to apply my mask all over my face, neck and hands. Feel free to apply this mask generously onto your skin. Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes or until fully dry.

Step 5: Once the mask has fully dried….gently wash off with warm water and dab your face dry with a towel….your skin should be feeling instantly hydrated and moisturized!!!!!

You may use this mask at least twice a week during the colder months or when desired.

Here’s to Wonderfully Glowing Winter Skin…..





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