So we all cleanse our faces everyday (both guys and gals) but are we doing it right? Here are some great tips on how to get the best benefit out of your face regime by just cleansing your face correctly!

1. Firstly, make sure your hands are clean. Our hands are touching a million things throughout the day and we don’t realise how dirty they get, even if we cannot actually see the microscopic dirt. After an entire day out make sure you wash your hands first before attempting to use them to wash your face. This way you will prevent the transferring of dirt from your hands to you face, which could be the cause of acne, blackheads, random break-outs etc.

2. If you are using make-up, after washing your hands try using a make-up remover or a pre-cleanser, Dermalogica has a great Precleanse, but organic cold-pressed coconut-oil works just as well for this. A pre-cleanse will remove all your make-up including the water proof types, as well as sunscreen and excess sebum and other pollutants that may have settled on your skin from the environment. I personally prefer a pre-cleanse to a make-up remover as I can use it in the same manner that I would use a cleanser, but it’s entirely up to you.

3. Choose the right cleanser for your skin type. Whether you have oily, combination or dry skin you will definitely find a cleanser out there for you, but you need to choose the correct one. Always choose a gentle cleanser, for your skin type, we are cleaning our face and therefore harsh chemical ingredients are not required. A gentle cleanser can be one that has no added chemicals, alcohol-free, paraben-free, fragrance free and does not include unnecessary ingredients. I find a gel based cleanser works well for me and my personal favourite is the TianDe Delicate Collagen cleanser or the Master Herb (anti-acne) Cleansing Facial Gel

4. After lathering your cleanser all over your face and neck, use lukewarm water to rinse off, never cold or hot water which will stress your pores, which could lead to large open pores (which we never ever want!)
5. a) If you are using an exfoliator, try using it only 2-3 times a week, this is sufficient to keep away dead dull skin build up on your face (and don’t forget to exfoliate your neck). Here as well choose a calming exfoliator/scrub. The Body Shop has a few lovely ones, my personal favourite being the Honey and Oat 3-IN-1 scrub, but my all-time favourite is the Angels on Bare Skin from LUSH! I’m so in love with this exfoliator, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised 🙂

b) Alternatively you could use a chemical-free peel instead of an exfoliator. I recently discovered this and it works wonders. What it does is removes only the top layer of dead skin from you face, that causes uneven skin tone and clogged pores. TianDe has an amazing all natural Sheep Placenta Peeling gel, which I cannot live without. It can be used on all skin types and you use it by applying a pea drop size of this gel throughout your dry face, after cleansing, in a circular motion. The will see the dead skin clumping up into small balls on your skin, you then rinse off with lukewarm water and dry. Your skin will feel silky smooth 🙂

6. When drying off your face, try not to use the same towel you shower with. Instead use a soft cotton or bamboo cloth specifically purchased for your face routine. Woolworths keep a range of these face cloths. Cotton fibres do however tend to get brittle as you keep washing them, so monitor your cotton face cloth as you don’t want to use it for your face once it starts becoming rough. Dab/pat your face gently with the face cloth after rinsing.

So there you have it 6 easy steps that will give you beautiful, cleansed and glowing skin everyday! I hope that these steps will help you love the skin that you’re in and remember true beauty only comes from within.

Keep smiling:)

Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these tips. Also let me know how you feeling after you have tried these……Looking forward to hearing from you………XoXo…Priar